The Williamson Brothers: Live in Virginia Vol. 1

The Williamson Brothers “Live In Virginia Volume 1”:  An historic appearance at The Floyd Country Store.  Click here or the pic below to enjoy on Amazon Mp3!

 Enjoy the first installment in The Williamson Bros. ‘Real Groove Music Live’ series here.  Alongside a full band, mandolinist Tony and guitarist Gary perform many of their hits from the albums My Rocky River HomeLet Us Cross Over The River and Still Light of the Evening.   Enjoy it on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, and other streaming and downloadable media!   


Beginning the performance with New River Train and ending with their theme song ‘Going Back To The Mountains’, this first set is very characteristic of what you would see on tour with these gentlemen around 2010.  Their version of “Dark Hollow” paved the way for it’s feature appearance on Tony’s 2006 release “The Low Country All Stars”, which fast became one of his most popular albums and featured, among others, Tony Rice and Vassar Clements (the latter lent his last public performance to this work).

“Redwing” is the first instrumental in the set, and showcases Tony’s dexterity on the fretboard.  There are many great vocal tunes, demonstrating the brothers’ tight, renowned harmonies.  A notable moment in the set is a rare instrumental rendition of “Keep On The Sunny Side” featuring banjo and mandolin breaks.

On the Williamson Bros...

“Beautiful and graceful, yet still lonesome and beckoning”     

     -writer Jonathan Colcord

”Look no further… for a lesson on precicsely what makes brother duets so unique.  …Tony and Gary sing as one while maintaining their own individual sounds, and make it seem easy.  Brother Tony is also among the finest mandolinists alive… 

      -The Chicago Tribune

 Tony’s version of “Shangrula” is also a highlight here, featuring a scintillating solo mandolin instrumental first appearing with the band “RIFT” on an album called “Push On Thru”.  Brother Gary also steps up with a rare solo performance, singing the haunting ‘Face In The Crowd’ without accompaniment.  A must for the Williamson Brothers’ enthusiest who loves their traditional set and would like a few delightful surprises along the way.

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