Push On Thru

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Tony Williamson and Rad Andy’s first full length collaboration, entitled “Push On Thru” was released under the band name “RIFT” in 2005.  The musical style was dubbed by John Cowan as ‘Grunge Grass’, and blends rock rhythms and songwriting with traditional bluegrass instrumentation and roots.  Don Wright appears on banjo and guitar, and Robbie Link performs on the upright bass.  

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12 original tracks make up this recording, including the scintillating mandolin solo “Shangrula”, which has become a fan favorite live.  The ballads ‘Time’ and ‘As I Have to Be’ are also noteworthy, and the banjo tune ‘Proclivity’ closes out the album with a bang!  Chock full of hot mandolin pickin’, introspective lyrics, and solid chops, this album is an insight into the origin of Tony & Rad, two highly influential, innovative and established songwriters and performers in the modern world of music.  Enjoy a tune from the album via the player below.  

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