Live At Merlefest 2010


On May 1st, 2010, The Tony Williamson Band opened for Doc Watson on The Cabin Stage at Merlefest!  Tony’s ensemble de jour consisted of Rad Andy & Jamez Dawkins of ¡Rad & Jamez!  In addition to a hot set of original material largely from their studio album Dreams & Lies, the trio delighted audiences with special guest appearances from Jenna Paulette and Don Wright.  

The event was captured on tape by FestivalLink, and through the courtesty of Merlefest and Tony Williamson, the festival’s engineers and Real Groove Music Studios were able to collaborate and produce this album!  Sporting 5 onstage performances and 4 previously unreleased studio cuts from Real Groove Music Studios, this collection of tracks is a must for true fans and collectors!

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The show features an original collaboration between all band members and guests written in the hotel the night before the show.  Entitled “I’m Out”, the composition has a rockin’ verse rhythm and breakdown, with a full on allegro banjo chorus featuring Don Wright.  Jenna performs vocals.  “Mountain Girl” is also one of our favorite live version, with nice harmonies from Williamson and Paulette.  The Studio sessions include some exciting originals and a soulful rendition of “Come Back To Sorento”.   The spicy mandolin solo ‘Shakti’ features a full band with drums and electric bass, and the playful pop anthem “Honeycomb” has become a favorite!


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