Chillin’ Out

2015:  Chillin’ Out by ¡Rad & Jamez!

Rad Andy and James Dawkins Asheville duo ¡Rad & Jamez! bring their signature Real Groove Music in Chillin Out.  Originally debuted as a promotional EP for  an Ice Cream Parlour by the same name which featured live music from the duo regularly, this album features the original 6 tracks remastered along with 5 previously unreleased live tracks from an acoustic duo performance on Wall Street.  Available on GooglePlay,  Amazon mp3, Spotify and iTunes and more.

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Four tracks on this album feature Asheville’s own Lindsey ‘L-Fire’ Anderson on vocals and sax.  The single “Let Me Love You” is one of these, an original song over a funky beat composed by James.  Rad’s electric guitar solo and James’s bass solo on “Real Groove Music” are highlights, and a live version of “Away From You” hearkens back to the early Rad days, as the tune was first released as a studio cut on “Enjoy Responsively”.

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