The Williamson Brothers

Bluegrass artists Tony & Gary Williamson are North Carolina bluegrass icons. Tony and Gary Williamson perform the old-time style of music that dates back nine generations in central North Carolina. In fact, the title song of their CD My Rocky River Home chronicles the experiences of their great-grandfather, Noah Williamson, a confederate soldier during the Civil War.

Tony and Gary’s grandfather, Alfred, made his own musical instruments (his banjo is in the NC Museum of History) and inspired his grandchildren, who began playing music around 1957. Recent Mandolin Central release All For Naught, a collection of solos for vintage instruments by Tony Williamson, was dedicated to this musical patriarch.


The Brothers are known for their duets with tight family harmonies and scintillating mandolin solos.  Though both are masters of a variety of different instruments, you will most often find Tony on a Lloyd Loar mandolin and Gary playing an old Martin or Gibson acoustic guitar.  Whether performing as a duo as in their recording ‘Rocky River Home’, or backed by a band, as in their most recent studio release ‘Bluegrass!’, they present a full, rich sound to delight both avid and hardcore bluegrassl fans alike.

Over the years, these gentlemen have preserved some great classic tunes like ‘John Hardy’ and ‘The Wreck of the Old ’97’.  They have written some amazing songs including ‘Mountain Girl’, ‘Song For Jimmy Campbell’ and ‘Rocky River Home’.  Not only are they prolific in this traditional genre, but they have also put out some wonderful gospel recordings on ‘Let Us Cross Over The River’ and continue to sing praise and worship as a staple in their powerful setlists.

Real Groove Music, a proud collaborator of this accomplished bluegrass duo, has created a live recording series featuring some of their landmark works.  Explore all the magic on our Real Groove Music Live page.  A particularly notable installment is  ‘Live in Virginia Volume 2”!  This spectacular set at the Floyd Country store is available on AmazonGooglePlay,  iTunes Spotify, Deezer and most of your favorite streaming and digital download sites!  It is the dynamic sequal to their ’15 release of Volume 1.  Including many of the songs you have grown to know and love from the Brothers (Mountain Girl, Back Up & Push, Keep on the Sunny Side), you will find some more rarely performed gems like Webb Pierce’s ‘Slowly’, ‘Back to the Old Home’, ‘Wild Julio’ and the first ever recorded version of ‘I Miss My Dear Mother & Dad’, the second single from Bluegrass!.  The brothers are backed by a full band, and present you with 15 wonderful tracks; about an hour of great music and interesting storytelling between songs. 

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