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January 2017:

¡Rad & Jamez! are heating up our tour calendar.  The original Burning Man dynamic duo will kick off their 2017 tour with an exciting show at Bonfire BBQ in West Asheville.  Get ready for 2 full lenght sets of all your favorite songs from Rad Andy and James Dawkins, as well as the exciting debut of some new material and fresh takes on cover songs.  Check our tour page for details, and enjoy the video below!

Happy New Year!

Thanks so much for a spectacular 2016!  We’ve had 2 new additions to our ‘Real Groove Music Live’ Series featuring Tony Williamson and The Williamson Brothers.  Rad Andy has released his 24 track spectacular ‘Now Trending’ and Tony Williamson’s Christmas Trio has enriched your holidays with yet another take on a holiday classic ‘Chipmunk Song’.  Live shows, videos, pics, streaming and more and there is so much yet to come.   We’re already looking ahead to our next awesome show in January!


To learn more, keep in the loop, and get notifications of live appearances and new releases, sign up for our mailing list and check the ‘Tour’ tab of the website.  Also, just recently, the ‘Rad Andy’ Spotify has been enhanced to feature concert dates as well, so to stream and keep up with shows by area, please follow me through the link below.  Thanks, and looking forward to the next show!

Fall 2016 Featured:  Live at The Guvner’s Ball

Real Groove Music artist Tony Williamson debuted a brand new, unreleased song called 'Hick’ry Mountain' live at the Guvner’s Ball this year!  Enjoy the video below, the performance features Irish artist Declan O’Rourke, Dayne Shelor, Rad Andy, and a host of other talented musicians known collectively as ‘The Guvner’s Band’.

April 2016 Featured:  Now Trending

The wait is over!  Welcome to Rad Andys sophomore release Now Trending.  This collection spans over a decade of recording and presents 24 tracks.  Rad brings forth favorite Real Groove Music artists Tony Williamson, James Dawkins, and Don Wright as featured performers on many tracks. Prepare yourself for a journey that defies genre, excites the senses, and inspires the mind.  Click the pic below to enjoy on Amazon mp3 and GooglePlay, or preview and download on the iTunes menu bar to the right:


This album WILL surprise you.  Rad presents original material in the styles of jam rock, bluegrass, experimental, and funk with jazz, traditional and rock instrumentation.  Interlaced artfully are covers from a wide variety of songwriters including Elvis Presley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, My Chemical Romance, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, Jimi Hendrix, and more.  The last 4 bonus tracks include live cuts which complete the 2014 release Live In The Triad by Tony Williamson & ¡Rad & Jamez!

Go ahead, explore, listen, enjoy and download.  You’ll be glad you did.

February 2016 Featured:  The Williamson Brothers Live in Virginia Vol 2!  The New Recording is here! Click here or the Pic Below to experience the magic via Amazon MP3:


This album is the sequel to Live in VA Volume 1! Together, these live recordings capture an epic concert performed at the Floyd Country Store by Tony & Gary Williamson.  Backed by a full band, the artists perform many of their hits from the albums My Rocky River HomeLet Us Cross Over The River and Still Light of the Evening. Enjoy a selection on iTunes:

Volume 2 starts a duo performance of ‘Wild Julio’ by Tony Williamson and Don Wright.  Then, the full band gets going with a high energy set.  Not only do they masterfully play classics like “Rovin’ Gambler” and ‘Keep On The Sunny Side’, but they slow it down for some power ballads you may not know them for, like “Slowly” and “If The Back Door Could Talk”.  This recording also features the first ever public performance of “I Miss My Dear Mother And Dad”, a featured single from their studio album “Bluegrass!”. You’ll also enjoy engaging stories between songs along the way.  What are you waiting for? Try it with the player below, then add it to your Amazon mp3, GooglePlay or iTunes collection today!

Enjoy our Videos Page for a sampling of Real Groove Music’s sights and sounds!

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